Writing, Flying and Huevos Revueltos

September 21, 2005

The bird flies between the past and the present

I just walked in a lonely street when I saw this place in the middle of the road. Then, I went to Martine's place to ask her if she would want to dance in there for my CD-ROM project. The place was a weird hole, full of trash, smelling urine. But there was a strange beauty.
Even though I didn't have defined the choreography precisely, I had, on the other hand, the whole project in my mind. In addition, I had with me a camera and my notes. then, I explained her my idea about the main character and she began her interpretation. While I was shooting, I was touched indeed by Martine's interpretation. She knew how to describe with accurateness this wounded bird woman that I saw in my dreams.

The bird flies between the past and the present. His body is a shade. He has been nearly destroyed and does not remain almost anything more than his mind stripped of his body. Resuscitate is for her a way of flying. Her ties with the earth allow this transformation.
While trying to remove her skin, this complex and melancholic creature wants to reborn from her own ashes.


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